Mohammad H. Al-Tarawneh

Mohammad H. Al-Tarawneh

International Lawyer, Trainer, and Consultant for International Corporations and INGOs
Founder of Al-Tarawneh Law Firm and Blue Umbrella

Mohammad Altarawneh is a trailblazer in the international legal arena—a seasoned Lawyer, Trainer, and Consultant passionately committed to driving transformative change for international non-profit organizations (INGOs). His journey is marked by visionary leadership and a commitment to impactful initiatives, reflected in the founding of Al-Tarawneh International Law Firm and the inception of Blue Umbrella, an organization dedicated to training, leadership, and community development.

Possessing a master's degree in public law, Mr. Altarawneh brings a wealth of experience in international law and non-profit organizations to the table. His specialization lies in providing legal solutions to international organizations working in the humanitarian field, international contracts, and providing strategic counsel to international entities. In 2013, he successfully established the Al-Tarawneh International Law Firm. The firm has since become a cornerstone for legal services, particularly in the realms of international law, society law, and civic law in Jordan and the Middle East.

Beyond the legal sphere, Mr. Altarawneh assumes pivotal roles in international organizations. Serving as the International Legal Adviser for Qatar Charity, he shoulders the responsibility for legal affairs across global field offices, contributing significantly to the establishment of a robust legal framework for Qatar Charity's international operations. Additionally, his role at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees involves supporting outreach, developing partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, and analyzing legal aspects of partnerships and contracts.

Mr. Altarawneh's passion extends beyond law, notably seen in co-founding "We Are Jordan" and the International Academy for Human Arts and Development. His commitment to youth empowerment led to co-founding "Youth for Youth," fostering a global network of active young leaders. Politically astute, he actively engages in national seminars, contributing valuable insights on youth political activities and human rights in Jordan, documented through published articles, particularly during the impactful "Arab Spring" period.

Since 2015, facing the Middle East's humanitarian challenges, Mr. Altarawneh founded Blue Umbrella, a local NGO addressing the refugee crisis. The organization supports Jordanian and refugee leaders, emphasizing women's empowerment and benefiting rural societies and youth. Blue Umbrella's self-funded initiatives in Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, and Open Training have impacted over 10,000 youths. Altarawneh's diverse efforts showcase a profound commitment to positive global change, establishing him as an inspirational figure in law, international relations, and community development.