Mohammed Al Tarawnh Headshot

Mohammed Al Tarawneh

Women and Youth

Mohammed Al Tarawnh, a member of the 2015 cohort, is the chairman and general manager of Blue Umbrella, a Jordanian NGO that focuses on community training and development. During program year, Al Tarawneh was placed at the National Youth Leadership Council. His LAP seeks to strengthen local communities and develop character-driven Jordanian youth. Al Tarawneh has achieved substantial success by incorporating the Train the Trainer program into Blue Umbrella’s mission. In the past year and a half, Blue Umbrella launched a leadership training project that has trained over 1,200 youth to date and has now become one of the most prominent leadership programs in Jordan. Al Tarawneh will continue to expand and diversify his leadership development efforts to an even younger audience, establishing a “Leaders Club” in high schools across Jordan and a leadership training center for Jordan’s refugee population.