Narges Shahi

Narges Shahi

Research and Development Partner Women Empowerment Advocate
Youth Trainer and Educationist

Narges Shahi currently serves as a senior research and development partner of international trading and commerce companies proposing creative solutions in regard of sustainable economy, leadership and development. She provides leadership and business consultation in entering new markets and the registration and development of new businesses in emerging markets of Europe, Africa and Asia. Within the same capacity, she provides vocational consulting for youth, students, entrepreneurs and professionals to peruse educational, economic, social, entrepreneurial and political empowerment with a special focus on girl’s education and women’s economic empowerment.

Narges started teaching entrepreneurship to female students and that made her realize how enthusiastic students can be. Meeting passionate students and being surrounded by so many questions lead her to the mentor role. Her teaching and training experience contributed to the eager to help women in their life journey and to facilitate access to equal opportunities for Iranian women. She conducted research on the role of women empowerment in advancing a nation's development and the impact of social entrepreneurship. Although her focus primarily was on education and teaching, her passion for girl’s engagement and empowerment motivated her to develop a women empowerment program bridging the economic, social and opportunity divide. She has participated in the She Entrepreneurs program by Swedish Institute to reach social impact in her region. As Tehran's urban decoder, she has been collaborating with YouthfulCities social initiative, amplifying the voice of youth globally while inspiring change locally. She has participated in the next generation leaders’ program working on action plan in advancing women’s participation in education and business. She has also been collaborating with host organization on providing youth with access to technology and education in developing countries. She has also been involved in the research and development of the supply chain management and Maritime industry. Additionally, she is also a proud member of ASU World Innovators.


Master of Science degree. School of Entrepreneurship