Global Literacy Masterclasses

The LDNS Lab Masterclass Series, offered through the Lab’s Ambassador-in-Residence, engages the ASU community and ultimately all audiences in partnership with the university, in a broad–ranging conversation about America’s foreign policy and the country’s role in world affairs.

Fall 2023 Global Literacy Masterclasses are offered virtually from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. AZ MST at no charge.

9-25-2023      Global Issues and American Lives        

10-17-2023    International Trade and the American Worker

11-1-2023      Diplomacy First

11-20-2023    The U.S. and the World

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Digital Badge

Global Literacy Masterclass Badges

digital credential, or digital badge, is an award that indicates an accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed and verified online. 

Upon completion of LDNS Lab Masterclasses, participants will be issued a digital badge.

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Featured Masterclass

The International Supply Chain in Real Time

In Spring 2023, the LDNS Lab enlisted the expertise of School of Politics and Global Studies professor Herbert Roskind, a successful international businessman, for a masterclass on International Negotiations in Real Time. Stay tuned for info about future masterclasses hosted by Roskind.

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