International Affairs Education

The ASU Lab for Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security manages both graduate and undergraduate programs and courses to develop the next generation of leaders in the global arena. The undergraduate courses POS 494 Policy Design Studio, Diplomacy in Action, the Embassy Country Team and the companion POS 484 Policy Design Studio Internship have trained over 70 students, now ASU graduates, who have move on to careers in the U.S. Foreign Service, the U.S. State Department and other federal government agencies, NGOs, think tanks, and Capitol Hill permanent staff positions in international affairs. The Master of Arts in International Affairs and Leadership will expand and deepen this cadre of ASU graduates who will move on to leadership roles in their careers.

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Policy Design Studio and Internship Program

U.S. Foreign Policy in Action: ASU students role play as an embassy country team – semester based.

Fall 2022 format (online v. in-person) is to be decided.

For more information, please contact:  Kayla Stamey in the School of Politics and Global Studies at or Ashley Wright in the ASU Lab for Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security at

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Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Leadership

The Master of Arts in International Affairs and Leadership (MA IAL) establishes a dynamic active learning environment led by international affairs practitioners, such as former ambassadors and military general officers, who developed US policies and programs around the globe and managed strategic and “grass roots diplomacy” efforts throughout their careers.

This unique MA program blends the art of diplomacy with developing leadership and draws on ASU’s extensive academic capacity, all which provides students a distinctive edge to succeed. 

For more information, please click link above or contact Ashley Wright

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WWS 598: The Holocaust and WW II Today

Using Lessons of the Holocaust for the Future Challenges  - Opposing Hatred and Bigotry that leads to Genocide through Holocaust education, remembrance and restitution.

Ambassador Edward O’Donnell served as Special Envoy and Ambassador for Holocaust Issues at the U.S. State Department in his Foreign Service career.  He was a diplomat and practitioner of negotiations and developing policies to address unresolved issues of the Holocaust, counter Anti-Semitism and use the “lessons of the Holocaust” to prevent seeds of hatred, bigotry and discrimination that can potentially lead to persecution of minorities and eventually to Genocide.