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Advancing Character-Driven Leadership

ASU is committed to innovation, global transformation, international impact, and cultivating a global perspective among its students and university partners. Unique among the globe’s higher education institutions, the University is a powerful champion of preparing character-driven leaders committed to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons, in America and around the world.

Leadership Initiatives

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ASU World Innovators (AWI)

A comprehensive set of character-driven leadership development programs, from basic to advanced levels, focused on U.S. and international mid-career professionals.

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Principles of Character-Driven Leadership

In this course, learners have the opportunity to master the key concepts and interrelationships of values, ethics and leadership which lead to earning trust, which is the essence of leadership. 

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Applied Leadership Experiences

Led by ASU Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security Lab co-founders Amb. Michael Polt and Lt.Gen. Benjamin Freakley, the Lab's Applied Leadership programming introduces students, professionals, and international leaders to the tenents of character-driven leadership through immersive experiences at some of our nation's most significant landmarks.

Leadership Program Highlight

University of Pittsburgh Honors College

During the Spring 2023 semester, over 20 students from the David C. Frederick Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh developed as character-driven leaders through instruction from Lab leaders Amb. Michael Polt and Gen. Ben Freakley and Applied Leadership Experiences at Gettysburg National Military Park and the United States Capitol. The program concluded with student presentations on the leadership lessons of prominent historical figures. 

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