The Powerful Future of Higher Education: Redesigning Universities around the Globe

April 4, 2022

Washington, D.C. 

Co-Hosted by ASU’s Ambassador-in-Residence Michael C. Polt, and the University Design Institute’s (UDI) Managing Director and Vice-Chair Dr. Minu Ipe, this roundtable convened diplomats from seven different nations together and opened an exciting new round of higher education opportunities through the United States’ largest and most innovative public research university.

"What are universities doing to help solve some of the biggest challenges of our time?"

- Minu Ipe, Managing Director and Vice-Chair of the University Design Institute (UDI)

About UDI

Roundtable Topics

Student perspectives on universities of the future

Higher education opportunities focused on focal countries and regions

Insights into current and planned UDI programs and initiatives

Strategic collaboration opportunities with ASU for sustainable and localized change