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First-person storytelling from American diplomats who have participated in newsworthy events overseas. Real-life stories from behind-the-scenes of international diplomacy.

Arizona State University's American Diplomat – The Stories Behind The News podcast, co-hosted by Ambassador (ret.) Pete Romero and Ms. Laura Bennett have casual conversations with American diplomats about newsworthy events from around the world.

Our mission is to provide informative entertainment to the listening public from our nations’ diplomatic practitioners. The conversations with this elite cadre of career diplomats seek to give the listener a better understanding of the very human dimensions of those serving on the front lines of war, crises, and conflict around the world. 

Ambassador (retired) Pete Romero and Ms. Laura Bennett (a writer and videographer) host weekly, 20-40 minute podcasts featuring conversations with active duty and retired US diplomats. These intimate, lively and informative conversations center on the personal recollections and reflections…their stories…as they succeed, fail and enter the fray again to advance our national interests overseas. They discuss what they really think about dealing with foreign leaders and reveal their thoughts about dealing with tribal leaders, militias and thugs.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Admiral Mike LeFever and Roderick Jones's new book End Game First talks about collaborating with diplomats to rebuild Pakistan after the 2005 earth

Says Richard Verma, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, his job is to help create "the most effective, capable, inclusive, diverse
The atrocities are breathtaking.  But once Israel starts picking up the bodies in the smoking rubble of whatever is left of Gaza, then what?
How did Robert Menendez fall so hard?  A suspected foreign agent?  Hiding gold bullion?
Major General Spider Marks, formerly head of military intelligence for Korea, opines on Putin's recent meeting with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.
No union is perfect, but it helps to try. Authoritarians worldwide exploit their citizens' need for public safety to gain and hold power.
The basis of the International Criminal Court is a treaty, written in part by the United States and signed by 123 countries worldwide.
BRICS, the economic alliance of nonwestern powers, just met in Johannesburg, with Putin conspicuously disinvited. Why?

The Podcast Team

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Amb. Pete Romero had a twenty-five year career as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service. In his last three postings, he was head of our embassy in El Salvador, US Ambassador in Quito, Ecuador and Assistant Secretary of the Western Hemisphere Bureau at the US Department of State.

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Laura Bennett has written, directed, produced and edited short films that have won 11 awards and screened at 35 festivals throughout the United States. Laura speaks Spanish, French and English and has traveled in five continents, often solo and working as a volunteer.

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The best interns in Washington DC work for the American Diplomat podcast. Angela Martins is an undergraduate in Communications. She is the webmaster of the American Diplomat web page. She also maintains and takes suggestions and comments regarding the podcasts.

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